Friday, September 24, 2010

so random xD

I currently don't have access to either my photoshop or illustrator. Therefore I can only post my older, already done work. This way, however, I can show you a broad range of what I paint.
Oh and because people asked in the comments: Unless stated otherwise, all my work is done in Photoshop CS3 and with my trusty Wacom Intuos 3. (I do love acrylics though and recently try to emulate to process as well as get my hands on some)
With that said, have a portrait of one of my friends:


  1. Awesome, I'll do some photoshopping too, gotta become pro

  2. that is really great work. wish i still had my wacom tablet :(

  3. I wish i had a wacom tablet but if everything goes well with my blog i shall have one to start posting so ORIGINAL CONTENT

  4. Wow, you did that? That's pretty cool. I have no artistic talent whatsoever... BUT I'll follow you for other stuff you've done. I like your work, keep it up!

  5. is that dynamite or a sausage at his ear?
    It looks pretty much like a cold-war poster , it's cool